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Jul 4, 2012 12:00am PDT
back to 2008 when george w. bush was the president of the united states in order to find one, but here it is. >> next time you hear politicians say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it's complete bs. if they want lower prices, cut back. sell those suvs, ride a bike when you can. if every one of us bought 10% less gasoline, prices would fall fast. >> well, happy fourth of july, republicans. next time you want to use gas prices as a political tool, make sure you listen to your friend bill o'reilly because he's always looking out for you. get your cell phones out. want to know what you think. will republicans ever stop using gas prices as a political ploy? text a for yes, text b for no, to 622639. we'll bring you the results later in the show. i'm joined tonight by a man who has answered, commissioner of the commodity futures trading commission. we have been down this road, but i like to remind them how this all works. explain the main reason gas prices have dropped 60 cents in the last three months. what's going on? >> hey, ed. we have ample supply and not a lot of de
Jul 3, 2012 9:00pm PDT
george w. bush. >> i had pecan pie, which is my favorite dessert. i guess he saw me enjoying it. i said, man, this is good. and the president of the united states took his fork, without even asking my permission, and said, let me try that. and took some of my pecan pie. and i was like, no, he didn't. what can i do. secret service all over. i can't say, sir, you can't have that. that was a moment i will never forget. >> reporter: luter's personality allows him to connect with almost everyone, from pred presidents to perfect strangers. >> i'm not on anyone's payroll, but n my dad loved krispy kreme cream doughnuts. >> reporter: next to that love of doughnuts, his humility is what his son, chip, loves most about his father. >> my father -- even being a dad, he always just wanted to do his best. >> reporter: with thousands in his growing congregation, he leaves the pulpit to shake the hands of people in the pews. he also writes to the mail. it is what he calls "fangalism." fans, friends, and family. >> reporter: some people were tweeting congregations, and others tweeting, we can't rea
Jul 3, 2012 9:00pm CDT
medal of freedom then-president george w. bush said tv shows come and go, but there's only one andy griffith." there was no cause of death given. andy griffith was 86 years old. president obama called andy griffith performer of a coronary talent. at home hiv test gets the green light from federal regulators and this quite the story to tell daring adventure of the day stevenson expressway and suburbs across the area capsuling celebration's one city with the show must go on and did well in a few minutes pregnant this to you live. medical watch first over-the- counter rapid test hiv soon available for home use gave approval today oraquick of managed hiv test swab the upper and lower gums of their mouth sample into a container results 20-40 minutes a positive result does not mean a person infected but additional testing should be done medical facility center put disease control intervention estimates 1.2 million people an american living with hiv infection about one out of 52 not know rapid test expected to be available in stores and online early october. infection that starts cat's lit
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
have to bring this p. after george w. bush left offic the club has its protocols and tradnsre wt of thrriddees il, h cic g o. virentcn ttt approach. [laughter] but when he finally broke cover ge ucveti weeks g n n x en pcter enr hbt coy ldticizeour president said that the public role of suppoing the current ecnin >>d tsis ang ag e lhoh about whether eisenher counts as a tean, and two men who had worked closely with eisenhower's presidenand johnson as majorityedr. l,e bl arumo. asinn,nss he ne yoron time. i need you more than evr now. the next morning eisenhower kicked in his car and tries to he es edyboy lyhe se le a. ond it's got a joint session of congress and here is that you need to say because the world is tching. the country is traumatized. one wonders what is going to hiasev yeeo thpotoh ug nnsda. key'enda was stalled in congressor not going anywhere. eisenhower ufficing him to ush it through. thiss not becau eiseower s ed ga. iss ciew evt mt t tredases o ilan continuity. throughout johnson's presidency, eisenhower placs extraordinary off camwlre n l, san mup neo jhson' ose ?
Jul 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to bring thi up. after george w. bush lef oficethub has rols trioe lyt thridsed n e a cut est rv sceic ass thing to do. his vice president can take that approach. [laughter] but when he finally broke cover about two ekoai' lycntrirismf tad gyli f nt oo esid i n'lie our president, our country should criticize our president said that the public role of supporting theren e ots. ai nzi me n,yes although we argu about whether eiseower counts as a texan and two men who had woed closely with senher est jon jo e ilrupuan t deat e t key' ssiooh i t oneenhower and as i needed you for a long time. i need you more than ever now. the next morning eiseer edhirndrito ys te e ou jon. kne ngn at riou lan a l pad. it's got a joint session of congss and here is that you need to say because the world is watching. e coy israize e eratgoto enn b des nd omto hi r r usro key' agenda. kennedy's agenda was stalled in congress for not going anywhere. eisenhower sufficing him to push tr thnoteceiow kennsaed thae hoer li aisenat unne w mge stability and continuity. throughout johnson's presidency, senhower p
Jul 4, 2012 10:00am EDT
reagan, and then fast forward to his vice president's son, george w. bush, who is conservative on many issues but lead on this issue. on this issue, or whether it is gay rights, or woman's reproductive rights, can you imagine a similar transformation happening in conservative figures? >> yes, i always say it is inevitable to us, inconceivable to them, and it is our job to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable. it takes our work not only inside to maneuver and persuade, but the outside mobilization it is essential, and in almost every issue the american people are ahead of the elected officials. i had the privilege of being in new york city with some colleagues yesterday with bono, who had worked on the aids issue. we started working with bono on that debt forgiveness issue, the millennium challenge in the jubilee year to end that debt that some many countries were oppressed with. that is the initiation of communication with jesse helms, on the debt forgiveness, and we said to bono did you have to be bipartisan, and you will have to reach out to some of
Jul 4, 2012 12:35am PDT
♪ ♪ next thing you know you're going back in back in time to find that guy that played george w. bush "men in black 3" coming out may 25th in the year 2012 ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> really hot peanuts! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: immediately after -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: immediately after that performance, our grandfathers were both institutionalized. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> they were really misunderstood geniuses. [ light laughter ] you know? >> jimmy: this is a great look for both of them. >> yes. you know, it's crazy how we punish genius. >> jimmy: it is crazy. you guys, will smith, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] "men in black 3" is in imax 3-d and theaters everywhere tomorrow! we'll be right back with bill paxton! come on back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ...we had to go further, and rereinvent the suv.scape... with an innovative foot-activated rear lift gate... technology that can recognize your voice, and the best highway fuel efficiency in its class, up to 33 mpg. because we wanted to reinvent the suv, we had to invent... thi
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Jul 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
there were a lot of republicans saying no to president george w. bush in the republican national convention. i didn't see it. >> we should stress you're an encyclopedia on that. at that point, president-elect was unpopular and john kerry, 6 to # points ahead. >> there are a few examples this year of republican candidates, senator hellers from nevada, not going to the republican national convention. so there's about five of them. but if you look at the amount of democrats not going to the democratic national convention, we're well over a dozen candidates and those elected running for reelection. there's more to come, this is a very high number. >> if you're the president and get reelected, do you remember the folks who dissed in. >> in some cases i think he probably encourages them to -- i think in claire mccass cal as case he probably suggests she doesn't. he wants to retain the senate if he wants to get anything done. it's his advantage to have those do what they have to do to stay in office. >> all right, good seeing you again. have a great 4th. >> same to you. >>> coming up. >
Jul 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. at the midway point of the season, they have not had a winning season since george w. bush was in the white house. the giants have the second-best record. tim lincecum in washington d.c.. 13 straight shutout innings. but then in the third danny espinoza hit a fly ball to left- center. the ball hit the top of the wall inches from a home run. he settled for an rbi double. washington scored twice in that inning and then in the third, desmond hits that pitch to the jefferson memorial. tim lincecum gives up eight runs, seven earned in three and a third. right now the giants are up 8/2 in the seventh and the game is in a rain delay. national outrage over the election of paulo sandoval by fans to start the all-star team. it is dying down except in new york or the mets general manager is still putting them on twitter, thinking that his third baseman should have started. he says " all starting election of kung fu panda shows the value of a cute nickname, surprised giants fans did not elect a bald guy to start at third base ". who was the leading champion at wimbledon last year? that would
FOX News
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
bush no, relation to george w. bush. at cranbrook school in michigan and runs the teen republican club. i wanted to sec rise her -- recognize her and thank her for her efforts. >> greg: she is taller than you. >> kimberly: i had five-inch heals on. >> bob: she will change. freddie i want to touch on fireworks they were never able to figure out what happened when you got a dud. you could never return it to the fireworks stand. last month, 6200 residents in alaska got hopes up. hoax that taco bell was going to arrive but it was a hoax. they were let down, devastated. taco bell is a great american, they sent -- 10,00,000 durry toe loc -- doritos loco tacos to make them. that makes america great. about pie wall street if you gave them 10,000 years and all tin gredients they couldn't make one taco. >> bob: thanks, greg. >> eric: quickly, you know what? how old was she? >> dana: 17. eleanor bush is 17. >> eric: who sales 17? >> eric: come back. come back to republicans. >> bob: two more one more thing. i want to thank greta van susteren who sent us a nice note about the fact that this s
Jul 4, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: dan canoeski was a disaster adviser to president george w. bush. he handled the damage after hurricane katrina. and says storms like this have exposed weaknesses in infrastructure, as several power companies are struggling to bring customers back online. >> widespread, sustained power outages are among the top concerns for homeland security officials. and i know this type of thing keeps them awake at night. >> and the nasty heat fuses to go away. a live look outside now. heat advisory in effect today, with temperatures above 90 degrees. almost getting used to it. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk. >> on the water is where you want to be. we had some thunderstorms. now, any of these storms tonight, between 5:00 and 9:00, could become locally severe. and that means wind gusts over 58 miles an hour. and some small hail. right now, we have a few storms that have just moved into frederick county. we take a closer look there. a bunch of them out to the west. and in fact, a severe thunderstorm watch right now, for garrett county, until 10:00 tonight. two c
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
much like what george w. bush had, which is a great deal of loyalty to his staff. and doesn't necessarily cut strings when it's time. i'm concerned about eric fehrnstrom and he gave the etch-a-sketch remark and internally romney people seem to be saying they're upset with him for doing that. at the same time, though, the president up until the supreme court gave him a win last week had a significant series of bad weeks. polling isn't going well in the battle grounds. even cnn has him behind mitt romney in battle grounds. and no one wants to talk about should barack obama's team do this. i don't know if it's fair to talk about mitt romney's team when they're neck and neck in the polls and he hadn't done anything wrong in the past few weeks. >> right. and this is a campaign being run out of massachusetts so there are a lot of consultants wanting in. but to change your campaign at this point would be so destabilizing and demoralizing. you want to reach out and grow your campaign is what i think i'm hearing eric say. but when you're in the real heat, that would be i think a terrib
Jul 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
george w. bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. in 2000, he had a quadruple bypass and the hip surgery following a fall in 2007 for. he is quoted as saying he originally wanted be a preacher. north, as one of america's favorite small-town sheriff's al all beloved entertainers. >>pam: dan davis and one of the true raiders legends has passed away. plus, tim lincecum tries to build on his last start. xi half moon def sauce cooks want cahow had >> mandated and have to wait at the age of 72. he died after a battle of prostate cancer. he was the raiders legend, a three-time afl all-star. 6 8 in., 275 lbs., he was a behemoth, known as big ben. he was eligible part of their raiders defense that became known as the love and angry man. he played seven seasons with the raiders. us >> dan lincecum is back on the mound in washington the common of of its first win in 11 starts. things did not bode well for him today. lincecum did not get out of the inning. >> bryan of when does with the oakland a's has been designated for assignment would have good means he has been cut. the question on
Jul 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
clinton might put on the court. there was a controversial nominee to the d.c. circuit under george w. bush. you can await that. reuters is a wire service, like a.p., but i am not quickly filing alerts the way jim of the done.- jim matheny had i look at broader trends. i do not have to file every day, but it is the wire, so you have to fill a hole faster than you would for the newspaper. >> is anybody else working on a book they want to out? >> not yet. >> you did a biography of justice o'connor. are you still in touch with her? what is she up to? >> she is on an airplane. she is always traveling. i asked if she would be in the room for health care. she said, "i have so much planned." i asked her if she had an instant. she said, i have not even had time to read the statutes. do you know which way they are going? no clue. it turned out that she was in the courtroom the week before. all the speculation about when it will be handed down -- nobody knows until the writing on all sides is finished. she did not know exactly when it was going to come. she could have suspected, the way we did, that it wo
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
only one andy griffith. >> reporter: in 2005, george w. bush presented him with the medal of freedom. >> it was about a little town and all the people who lived in it. all those sweet shows, they just came with the territory. >> reporter: griffith died in his home state of north carolina, at the age of 86. leaving memories of warm sunshine and good times along the country road of anyone's dream. that same interview, andy griffith said they had a rule on the show, if the joke made a liar out of a character, they got rid of it. if they did that for "modern family," it would last about 15 minutes and be as fun as a civil war documentary. >> chris connelly, a wonderful piece. thank you. >>> i'm going to go with disturbing news if you're headed to the beach this holiday. it's unusual to have shark sightings on both coasts. they've been sighted off cape cod in the east and san diego in the west. abc's david wright has the story. >> shark. >> reporter: merely mention a great white shark, people mentally add in the soundtrack to "jaws." this fourth of july, that scary music can scare you, wi
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
response adviser to president george w. bush. he handled the recovery after hurricane katrina and says events like this week's storm exposed weaknesses in infrastructure as several power companies are still struggling to bring residents back online. >> sustained power outages are among the top concerns of homeland security officials. i know for a fact this type of scenario keeps them awake at night. >> now, with all these outages, many people are asking the question, why are these power lines aboveground vulnerable to trees? why not put them belowground? >> the simple answer is cost. up to $15 million per mile to make that change totaling billions of dollars in this area alone, a cost passed along to the people who live here. jeff, erica, back to you. >> whit, thanks. >>> there is new fire daenger in the west this morning. a brushfire in palmdale, california north of los angeles erupted overnight and is spreading across a rural area. at this point the fire is moving away from homes. >>> meanwhile in colorado, fires continue to burn throughout that state but there is good news. c-1
Jul 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
george w. bush administration had used drums to a lodge airborne attacks on suspected terrorists and paxton. when you mbn assoatok i09 nr r thdulium m e ainstonus as a matter of policy to officially acknowledge the cia's drone attacks. but in the days following a big t, ynedom a an of videeo ike a rainbow, remarkable atmospheric happening. these drone attacks have become the centerpiece of obama's recalibrationo ma' di c t hmvif w e aditioh ten li aes in shamsi. quote, tht base is neither but vacated nor been vacad, was the anonymous but official word from washington. with a mexican sndf i chn. 'swe abtrd vi llemi wthior a non-peace. you forget about, you know, u whoudiutl t'ei. anyway, this tiny forgotten strip of land that held the airbase in shamsi, it turned ut it did not actually belogto st tohheni sige v at0eareleri ocan a rihi between the two countries. baluchistan, aside from being full of spectacular garden of the natural wonders and this is most be among the most o the pl o, ase t fewn rudste bud b iig em among hunters from the united arab emirates and saudi arabia. falconr
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
entire campaign, every speech and debate, talking about returning to the bad old days of george w. bush that got us into this mess in the first place. the president's working hard on savinging the auto industry, investing in manufacturing, having companies move jobs back to the u.s. that's the sort of work that he's doing. and these folks -- >> and that message he has certainly beat that drum. the question is whether it's resonating. we have a new cnn poll that came out over the last 24 hours in 15 battleground states that they are watching, and it shows that mitt romney leads the president right now 51% to 43%. so is this message not resonating? >> well, you know, i think the reality is we really mostly focused on whether people are resonating with their life and are they doing better off now, and it's a tough time. leading the country out of a recession, near depression, isn't easy. but we really have to say who's got the right answers. and is so we'll keep drilling home what the president is doing and keep reminding peoplehat smorm promising to go back to the bad old days, and there's abs
Jul 4, 2012 7:30am EDT
gaechioung lee credly susceptible to this nonsense in 2008 because everyone w fed up with george bush barack obama waa chisc re r a ieriokif mpn. orbaheatou s r n t emmef g le rossoi forward a lile nerdyetnld lp h dsis st democrats argue that about their party. that they have the big 10 party and republicans later, olde lkutat u nty its a fant >>stvey setimes a strength and sometimes isn't a strength. diversified stock portfolio is stronger. americans -- theact thate --reon ve eg iic rrtsre simply better at incorporating people of different cultures into our et myblitveysit spose ben le er k dsis k anther a ieresting social science data on it. robert putnam who i quoten the book o of al--iost nginuran diverse communities become weaker. it by weaker union less volunteerism and socia inractn,s cmit to co pct led un dan h n r sn other comes into their community. i am very pro legal immigration and think we could have more immiatanl nesa aguor spicliliut is uativsi otriisehd aeplacement for an argument rather than making an argument. one place where i have a problem with it ion wh--d
Jul 4, 2012 2:00am EDT
starting with clinton and also george w. bush and now barack obama, the legitimacy is dangerous thing fortt. weboao crae sta lalyudecyd e sn ctrits die hetetts ha sny irehnic groups, different regional differences and sali actually believe our democracy is fily fragile i' por weintthrdns tr kuuiiend untag gomeay be vrn eant ybthes legitimate government we will let them govern and to the basic elements of governing a come back and try to beat them next time. if we ever lose that i do lievwer on tem ibros elon e r thtoe lo he ctin is often they are more prophetic and the winners. it's often the losers are the ones that come up with new ideas while the winner are uck in the polies o hp. ldeuvr a grn lalys b tald t e r paca takes awhile to gain the public acceptance because it often seems very radical and difficult to observe. the other wathey brignhe chs ey b rtan b are yef lkatay a ip iet ocbe. yb'syungminority. but they bring in new folks. if they change the questions and how the rties are organized a lot of linmpaignsrehe est ge p g ipate cova p o nstiaro b paant nte ata leso fi of al
Jul 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
bad step for that reason also ronald reagan and george debt h. w. bush were on board there and serve turner also volunteering to restore her up north and down here. in yesterday's trip down memory lane certainly was a much an emotional one. the equates i do watch a little dust adamite. it was quite surreal. >>> again today is the official commissioning of this museum that is taking place at noon today but it will open as a museum to the public on saturday tickets are $18 a person but if you got an islet driver's license to pollute broader year walkup to come and visit for free. did we saw a lot of fun. i was iraq to the bottom of that ship about two months ago for on the day it is huge. did with the base and they're putting the final touches on it before it finally took out to on to the golden gate bridge. >>> thank you joy. the delays in here though. >>> snow. and have discovered of a minor problem of a bridge to no problems there ... like the things will wrap up quickly conditions of the rich and sandras celebrate genevan we've been watching the shot up the morning and there aren't
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)